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EST 3 Trouble Solution Very Easy

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How to EST 3 Trouble Solution Very Easy step by step or work Experience This system is excellent and very easy

EST 3 Trouble Solution Very Easy

The Default EST 3 /EST2/EST -Password for every level.

Access Level…………….>……….Default Password

Level. 2……………………………..>………….2222


Level.4 ……………………………>……………4444

How to change the password. Press the command MENU option. Now go to the program and choose Edit password. Select the level and Enter a new 4- 4-digit password. to confirm you Enter a valid user access password.

EST 3 All Fault

COMMAN>Trouble ACTNeed to check the Device or Module there is no Voltage in Device or Module
Dirty Head ACT 100%Need to clean After cleaning wait 8 to 10 hours to reset
Dirty ACT Above60%Need to clean After cleaning wait 8 to 10 hours to reset
Mapping FaultNeed programming
Bad Type ActNeed programming
Bad pastryNeed programming
Open fault(Module Fault)Need to check the Module End Of Line Resistor
Open shortNeed to check Loop There is some Lose Connection
Battery fault(power)Need to check Battery States Or Voltage Need 12 V DC to 14 V DC
Ground faultsNeed to check Loop 01 BY 01 Device And Module
Loop short / Network faultNeed to check Full Loop Networking and networking cable
Loop card Faults

If all devices Show trouble’s Need to check the Loop card. First Remove the Loop From the card. if you check the loop card voltage if the voltage not coming then the card is Faulty 14/20 voltage is normal (SD.10 Voltage is working normally)

LOOP Capacity

1. LOOP125 device + 125 Module
Sounderconventional use in (CC1.Module)

CAB21+Extra Power Card(3pps)
Loop Card


7. AH TO 100. AH.

NOTE: if there is power supply card 02 then we are using 100. AH

If 1. power supply card then we can use 7. AH TO 63. AH

Fire Telephone 

fire telephone using in (EST.3 ar EST.4) Have separate loop From Fire Telephone to the card then go to connection.

How to Enable/disable EST 3 

Go to command MANU>Disable or Enable on the Fire panel press. Disable the button from the fire panel screen.

giving option> allow Zone /Device/Sounder and Output to be Disable or Enable

Select the up-down button on the touchscreen Display and more options in the Description below.


Configuring system time & date is compulsory if you want to keep track of any changes. also, the time and date need to be set.

On the EST3panel solution

same format for (date and time is set in 24 Hours (HHMMSS)and(MMDDYY)

Go to the Command MENU and then choose the program “ change the time and date you see the 24-hour format given there Enter the time using a valid user access password.

THE Command sequence for changing Holiday is first command >MENU>PROGRAM>EDIT Holiday. The rest of the process is the same


To restart the panel go to the restart processes Here’s how to do Restart The Panel


push the first command menu button select the program follow the by-step Restart. Now your front shows an option for restarting a single panel ar all panels will come forward.

To restart a single panel you have to provide the address of the target panel.it is a 2.-digit number (pp) Give the user access password to complete the process.

for restarting all panels no need to provide any panel address separately

Smoke Detector’s Sensitive Level

The smoke detectors have different types of sensor levels .it can be a dual sensor.(FSP-851 ar FSP-951) However, the sensitivity of the smoke detector is controlled by the fire Alarm panel.

The smoke detector got a 2. level of sensitivity.1 primary sensitivity and the other alternative sensitivity.During regular Hours. the primary sensitivity level is implemented by the system.

But when the premiss a time control reconfigures then use their alternative sensitivity level.

command MENU can be used to physically switch between both sensitivity levels.

You can activate the primary sensitive to switch to the alternate sensitivity you restart the primary sensitive to change to sensitivity.


Push the button command MENU and select Activate. You will see the ALT sensitivity option. Select it and give access by providing the password.

The fire panel is 1 of the most important components in the make sure to handle it with the Take professional help if necessary all practical work Alam & GousPak


In conclusion. the EST3 fire alarm system stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for safeguarding lives and property. its advanced features, coupled with real-world. success stories, make it a top choice in the market.

Asked Question about the EST3 Fire Alarm System?

How Does the EST3 System Detect Fires?

The EST3 System utilizes (insert detection technology)and reliable and early detection of fire.

Can it be integrated with existing security systems?

Yes, the EST3 system is designed for seamless integration with various security systems, providing a comprehensive security solution.

What is the average response time of the EST3 system?

The EST3 system boasts an impressive response time, typically response time ensuring swift Action in Emergency.

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