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Simplex 4010: Addressing the “Extra Device Trbl Address Card 3” Error

by kevinfiske.com
Simplex 4010 Extra Device Trbl Address Card 3

Do you work with fire alarm systems and recently encountered the cryptic “Extra Device Trbl Address Card 3” error on a Simplex 4010 panel? Don’t panic! This blog post will guide you through understanding the error and initial troubleshooting steps. However, remember, fire safety is paramount.

Understanding the Error:

The “Extra Device Trbl Address Card 3” message indicates the Simplex 4010 panel detects an additional device on the loop connected to Address Card 3. This could be due to:

  • Duplicate Address: Two or more devices share the same address on the loop.
  • Faulty Device: A malfunctioning device might be sending erroneous signals, appearing as an extra device.

Initial Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re comfortable with basic troubleshooting procedures, here are some initial steps you can take (refer to the Simplex 4010 user manual for specific instructions):

  1. Consult the Manual: The user manual provides a troubleshooting guide for the “Extra Device Trbl” error. It should outline steps to identify the specific device causing the issue on Address Card 3.
  2. Verify Device Addressing: Ensure all devices on the loop connected to Address Card 3 have unique addresses programmed within the allowable range (typically 1-250 for Simplex 4010). Double-check the address settings of each device to eliminate duplicates.
  3. Isolate the Faulty Device (For Technicians Only): If there are multiple devices, a qualified technician can disconnect them one by one while observing the panel’s response. When the error disappears after disconnecting a specific device, that device is likely the culprit.


  • Safety First: Fire alarm systems are crucial for safety. Improper troubleshooting by unqualified personnel can lead to malfunctions during a fire emergency.
  • Seek Professional Help: Always involve a certified fire alarm technician to diagnose and resolve the “Extra Device Trbl Address Card 3” error. “You can contact us for more issues and guide quick and free service :   Mojahid@kevinfiske.com  

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